Eddie Bauer Bassinets

Dorel Juvenile Group


To REPAIR Eddie Bauer Bassinets made by DOREL JUVENILE GROUP

The bottom locking mechanism can fail to lock properly if a spring is not installed, allowing the bassinet to tip to one side and cause infants to roll to the side of the bassinet. This poses a suffocation hazard to infants.

TRU Item / Model #
035220 / 10632
303685 / 10639
607741 / 10832
281667 / 10835
872183 / 10839

This recall involves Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood bassinet models 10632, 10639, 10832, 10835, 10839 and BT021 with bottom locking mechanisms.

Immediately stop using these bassinets and contact Dorel JuvenileGroup to receive free repair kit at:
(877) 416-0165 or www.djgusa.com

In Cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission