A big part of what makes working for Toys“R”Us so much fun includes our highly-engaged, diverse employees, who are passionate about toys and enjoy sharing their vast knowledge with customers. This holiday season, get to know some of our top #ToyExperts from stores across the country.

James Durpey
Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us White Plains, NY

Have a question about a video game system, upcoming release, or just can’t beat that next level? Ask James from White Plains, NY! James is an avid gamer who provides customers with sound advice and recommendations for all gaming needs. He takes great pride in his work and ensures that all his customers leave the “R” Zone happy – GAME ON!

Taylor Espinoza
Toys“R”Us Franklin, TN

Taylor from Franklin, TN, is a Pokémon expert and fanatic who has been collecting cards and playing the game for 16 years! He is passionate about helping customers find the products they need and even gets them involved in the Pokémon community outside of the store. Taylor has placed 3rd or higher in at least four Pokémon City Championships in five states! His enthusiasm for his work and Pokémon always brings customers back for more fun.

Manny Reyes
Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us Porter Ranch, CA

With an academic minor in astronomy, it’s no wonder Manny loves helping kids shoot for the stars by discovering science. Manny is an expert in our Learning department, and knows all about telescopes, science and discovery activities. He shares his knowledge and passion with the next generation of budding scientists at our Porter Ranch, CA store!

Jeffrey Eagle
Toys“R”Us Saginaw, MI

Jeffrey is the resident LEGO expert at our store in Saginaw, MI. A Toys“R”Us kid at heart, he loves to test his skills putting new sets together. Whenever Jeffrey is on duty, kids, parents and gift-givers alike know they can ask for his help to find out what’s new and coming soon in the world of LEGO.

John Reis
Toys“R”Us South County, MO

John from St. Louis, MO is hooked on action. In fact, for the ten years he has worked with Toys“R”Us, John has become an expert in various areas of the store, but none get him quite as revved up as wrestling. He owns thousands of action figures, and shares his vast knowledge with both customers and colleagues. In his spare time, he attends Comic-Con and local shows, as well as studies up on action figures to stay on top of the latest products and information. He is also a huge movie buff, who enjoys working with toys stemming from popular films, making him an all-around action enthusiast.

Patty Meier
Toys“R”Us Crystal Lake, IL

Patty from Chicago, IL is a true Skylanders specialist, who has worked with Toys“R”Us for more than 20 years! A mom, whose son fell in love with Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Patty made it her mission to become a true Portal Master. She pulls from her own family’s experience to connect with customers and makes the Skylanders line accessible, understandable and inviting to shoppers of all ages. Whether explaining the difference between a normal and legendary character or rattling off new release dates, Patty is the primary source of Skylanders product knowledge.

Jonathan Dorrill
Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us Columbus, GA

Jonathan is a talented musician who leverages his passion for playing music when talking with kids and families at our Columbus, GA store about guitars, drum sets and more. His expertise doesn’t stop there! Jonathan also has vast knowledge in all areas of our electronics department and keeps up-to-date on game systems and new releases. He’s known for going beyond the call of duty to ensure each customer he meets finds exactly what they’re looking for and receives the best experience possible, all with a smile!


Amber Gaines
Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us Parma, OH

From collecting and designing action figures from her favorite movies to attending Comic Con, Amber has always been a true Toys“R”Us kid at heart. She even has a room in her house dedicated to her toy finds! During her seven years at our Parma, OH store, Amber has always been quick to share her enthusiasm for all things action with kids, parents and collectors alike.



Bernard Villanueva
Toys“R”Us Aiea, HI

A passionate bike buff, Bernard has been assembling bicycles for over 20 years, and has been part of the Toys“R”Us family for eight. From the history of bikes to how they are designed, Bernard has been dubbed the bicycle encyclopedia! In his spare time, Bernard works…on bikes! His goal is for all children to have a perfect bicycle to enjoy.


Nancy Miyazaki
Toys“R”Us Lancaster, CA

Nancy is a mother, grandmother and avid crafter, who works at our Lancaster, CA Toys“R”Us. She loves to be creative both in and outside of work, and enjoys sharing fun activities and games with kids and parents alike. Nancy is very knowledgeable about our learning products, and when it comes to arts and crafts, her passion truly shines!